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New NDB and DME


NDB (EKN) 357.00 kHz and DME (ENN) 110.55 MHz is now operational on a trial basis.


Amended Circuit Heights


Microlights and Helicopters  -  800 ft QFE. RH Rwy 15 and LH Rwy 33.

Other aircraft  -  1000 ft QFE.


Taxiways “C” and “D”


We now have two new Taxiways in operation. These run parallel to the runway. We would appreciate it if all fixed wing aircraft would use these at busy periods instead of back tracking the runway. These taxiways are restricted to aircraft with a maximum wing span of 12m.


Updated: 18 January 2010

10,000 Aircraft Movement


Alan Cathcart presented T G Gordon with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate his achievement of being the 10,000 aircraft movement at the Airport since it re-opened a year and half ago. Looking on are Glenn Gordon and John Mulroy. T G, as he likes to be known, and his crew are regular visitors in their Saratoga from Knock Airport. Aircraft movements have now passed the 34,000.


Photo by Jim McCaw


“Café St Angelo”


We have a restaurant on site serving hot and cold food. The  café is open 7 days a week from 0800 until at least 1700 hrs local. There are inside and outside dining areas. The café is available for private functions.


This is just another good reason to fly to Enniskillen.


Telephone:         028 6632 2233

“Airfield of the Year 2006”


Enniskillen Airport was awarded the prestigious award of “Airfield of the Year 2006” by Flyer magazine. The award was presented to airport co-director, Alan Cathcart, by MP Lembit Opik (of Cheeky Girls fame!) at an award ceremony held near Enstone airfield. In his acceptance speech, Alan Cathcart, commented that it was not the airport’s infrastructure that was important in achieving the award but the friendliness and helpfulness of all the full-time and volunteer staff at the airport.

Sloane Helicopters


Sloane Helicopters have now well established at Enniskillen Airport with a Sales and Maintenance facility. Sloanes are Distributors and Service Agents for the Augusta and Robinson range of helicopters.


t: 028 6632 6322

London Helicopter Centres (NI) Ltd


London Helicopter Centres have opened at Enniskillen. They will be carrying out maintenance on a range of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.


t: 028 6632 3606

Polly Vacher


Polly Vacher, the famous female aviator, landed at Enniskillen for lunch on 24th May as part of her attempt to land at all 212 UK airfields listed in the Jeppesen Airfield Manual. The aims of the flights are to promote; “Flying Scholarships for the Disabled” and flying for the disabled in general, also to promote her book “Wings around the World”, the proceeds from which go to “Flying Scholarships for the Disabled.”


Polly was greeted by a large group of local people including some with disabilities. She signed several copies of her book before departing on her next leg of her journey.

New Opening Hours


Due to increased demand the airport will now open 7 days a week. There will be no Fire Cover on Mondays but the airport will be available to aircraft not requiring a Licensed Aerodrome. Normal opening hours are 0900 - 1700 hrs local. Aircraft wishing to operate outside these hours should request Special Permission in advance. An Out of Hours Charge will apply. Please contact us for details.

Corporate Air Open Day

Corporate Air held a very successful “Jet Day” at the airport in April. Pictured are some of their current pilots.

From the NOTAMs

New South Parking Apron

A new large aircraft parking apron is now operational. This is located south of the main apron and Fuel Farm.

New Fire Engine

We now have a new Fire Engine. This will allow us to offer CAT 3 Fire Cover on request.

Royal Visit

Enniskillen Airport had its first Royal Visitor since re-opening. On 1 July 2009 HRH Prince Edward used the airport when making an official visit to Enniskillen. He was welcomed to the Airport by Alan Cathcart (Director).

Photos by Jim McCaw.

On the 19th and 20th September 2009 Enniskillen Airport hosted the inaugural Heli Challenge Championship. This helicopter spectacular featured over 25 competing helicopter crews utilizing 20 helicopters. The challenges were designed to test the skill of the helicopter pilots and their co-pilots. Competitors ranged in ability from new Private Pilots to vastly experienced Commercial Pilots. The helicopters seen at the event were the Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell 206 Jetranger, MD500, Eurocopter EC120, Eurocopter AS350, Eurocopter EC135, Agusta 119 Koala and Agusta 109 and the Aerospatiale Gazelle.

The 2009 Heli Challenge Champion was Kevin Toner and Fiona McKee in G-SKII a Bell 206 JetRanger.

Heli Challenge 2009

Q) EGPX/QNBAS/IV/BO/A/000/999/5424N00739W005 B) FROM: 09/11/28 12:00C) TO: 10/01/29 09:00 EST



Q) EGPX/QOBCE/IV/M/A/000/999/5424N00739W005 B) FROM: 09/11/25 13:31C) TO: 10/08/04 23:59



Q) EGPX/QNDAS/IV/BO/A/000/999/5424N00739W005 B) FROM: 09/11/28 12:00C) TO: 10/01/29 09:00 EST

E)  DME 'ENN' 110.55MHZ CH42Y U/S